Hop on board the Mayflower, visit Plimoth Plantation, get ready for some turkey fun, and enjoy Thanksgiving on the Internet! Have a safe adventure!

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Education Place Monthly Themes-November
Begin by comparing and contrasting a Thanksgiving celebration from 1621 with one of today. Then click the ACTIVITIES button to find many games, writing ideas, art activities, and more organized by grade level.

Enchanted Learning Crafts, Decorations, and Printouts
What an awesome site!  You will find plenty to keep your kids busy learning about this holiday.  Be sure to check out the Related Activities.  There are many books and activities you can print out.  

Education World - The First Thanksgiving - A Feast of Activities
This is a WOW site filled with many integrated activities for all subject areas! 

Scholastic's The First Thanksgiving
This SUPERB site is definitely worth visiting!  Follow the Time Line and learn about life for the Pilgrims, take an interactive tour of the Mayflower, experience life as a Pilgrim, play the Thanksgiving Cyber-Challenge, meet a Pilgrim, and more.  Click on the Teacher's Guide and get a wonderful unit to organize your adventure here.  Be sure to view the cross curricular activities and resources (many good books to read) at the bottom.

Teacher Vision - Thanksgiving
Immerse your students in the holiday spirit with a wealth of ideas listed by subject areas.

Yahooligans Teacher's Guide Thanksgiving - Find a plan for learning about this celebration with historical and fun sites to visit.

Caleb Johnson's Mayflower Web Page
Find out almost everything you could want to know about the Mayflower, its passengers, and what life at Plimoth Plantation was like for the Pilgrims at this great site.

Plimoth on the Web
Visit the library here to discover lots of historical information about the Pilgrims.   You can also take the Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation that is listed below.

Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation
Get on board and let's head off to the Plimoth Plantation!  Find out what life was like for the early Pilgrims.

The Pilgrim Hall Museum
There is a wealth of information here.  Check out the online exhibits in the museum and for lots of historic information click on The Pilgrim Story and Beyond the Pilgrim Story.

Family Education Happy Thanksgiving
Get family fun ideas, activities (there are 2 mad libs to practice parts of speech), recipes and more.

Thanksgiving on the Net
Learn about how people in other cultures celebrate Thanksgiving, get crafts, and more here.

Family.com Festive Fixin's for Thanksgiving Day
Put some new life into your PE time.  Check out the Games for the Gang and find a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to do with your class.  There are even some with traditional roots.  While your here, brush up on your artistic abilities with Kid Pleasing Crafts. 

There's No Page Like Home for the Holidays Thanksgiving in the Classroom
This awesome site has a wealth of activities, information, and links.  For those of you who love music, be sure to check out the Thanksgiving Songs.  Listen to the music and have your students sing along (words are included).  The Thanksgiving Unit of Study has many great ideas for projects for 3rd-5th.

There's No Page Like Home for the Holidays Thanksgiving Quick Index
This is the index page FILLED with MANY ideas, activities, recipes, and more for the site above and below.  It is definitely worth checking out!  Adopt a Thanksgiving CyberPet, get decorating ideas,

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
Head off on a scavenger hunt through the web pages of "There's No Page Like Home for the Holidays - Thanksgiving" site above.  There are 12 items to search for.   Have fun and happy hunting!

The Pilgrim Life Adventure
Ready for a webquest?  This one is written for first grade but could be adapted for others.  Students learn about the Mayflower and create a vehicle for their own life adventure.  Be sure to read the Teacher Page as it explains everything.

Rainbow Magic Happy Thanksgiving! Page
There are many exciting activities and games here in the Activities link.  If you need more sites to visit, there is an extensive list in the Links link.

Lil' Fingers
Here's a fun site for kindergarten and first grade filled with a turkey story, coloring book pages and games.

Kids' Domain Thanksgiving
Have lots of fun this holiday with games, activities, crafts, recipes, turkey tales, ecards, and more!

Billy Bear's Thanksgiving Playground
Find games, crafts, puzzles, e-postcards, Thanksgiving stationary to print, and wallpaper to customize your computer desktop.

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K-2nd Thanksgiving Lessons from Teacher Link - an online Teacher Resource Center at Utah State University's College of Education.

Thanksgiving - A Celebration of Gratitude - 1st and 2nd grade lesson centered around the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians teaching gratitude and to be thankful for what they have
Thanksgiving History - Designed for 1st grade, students learn about first Thanksgiving and differences between our Thanksgiving today and those of Thanksgivings past
Thanksgiving Unit for 2nd Grade - In this integrated unit students will begin to identify why the Pilgrims came to
America, how they adjusted to life here, what impact the Native Americans had on the survival of the Pilgrims, and what events brought about the First Thanksgiving.
The First Thanksgiving - 2nd graders study the relationships which led to, and the facts surrounding the development of the first Thanksgiving.
Image Me at the First Thanksgiving - Kindergarteners imagine what they think the First Thanksgiving was like and then draw a picture of themselves at the First Thanksgiving for a class book.
Indian Corn - Designed for 1st grade students tie in nutrition with demonstrating that a combination of foods are more healthy and that the foods we eat today are similar to the foods the Pilgrims ate by categorizing the foods on poster board paper.

Thanksgiving Kidspiration Page of Activities

3rd-5th Grade Lessons from the Internet

Thanksgiving - A Time to Give Thanks - upper grades - learn the origin and significance of Thanksgiving through this research and activity oriented unit.
Teaching About Thanksgiving - definitely upper grades, very informative
Gander Academy's Thanksgiving - 5th grade teachers, get many links to learn about how Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada.

Thanksgiving Inspiration Page of Activities

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