©2003 Glenn Weiss

Read across America
We're so proud of our whole school
We're reading books across America
You know reading's really cool.
Every book unfolds a world
That'll take you far away.
Come join us young and old,
Boys and girls exercise your mind today.

Your imagination is something you should feed.
For growing inspiration let reading be your seed.

Read across America,
From sea to shining sea
Read across America
Will build a better you and me.

Read across America,
From sea to shining sea
Read across America
Will build a better you and me.
Will build a better you and me.




What is Read Across America Day all about?

The National Education Association’s (NEA) Read Across America Day was created by a small group of teachers and NEA staff in 1998 to honor reading and to celebrate the fun of the late great Dr. Seuss on his birthday. Since the good doctor’s 100th birthday falls in 2004, we’re celebrating with a Seussentennial!

Reader's Oath - have your students commit to reading by taking this reader's oath

Ideas, Activities, and Reproducibles

NEA 2004 Read Across America Resource Kit - get ideas, activities, recipes, reproducible resources, and writing tips for your students 
2004 Read Across America Teacher's Activity Guide - K-3 - print out these 3 pages for an assortment of activities to go along with some of the Dr. Seuss books
2004 Read Across America Teacher's Activity Guide - 4-5 - print out page 1 for a timeline activity to go with the book, The Boy on Fairfield Street
Education World - Get 5 great reading lessons that cover a variety of skills that can be used on Read Across America Day or anytime.  Also, find links to other sites with more reading activities.
100 Ways to Celebrate Dr. Seuss - find a variety of activities in all subject areas
Explore the World Through the Cat in the Hat Learning Library - keep students reading and exploring science concepts with these Dr. Seuss books and activities
If I Ran the Zoo - Read this book.  Afterwards, have children draw their own wacky animals or write a story about how they would run the zoo.
About Dr. Seuss - Have older students read this online biography.  You may want to make up a question sheet to check comprehension.
Seussville - a fun site filled with activities - go to the playground and students can read Dr. Seuss's biography, play games, print activities, and be sure to do the Seussville Storymaker to create a cute short story.
Dr. Seuss's Who's Whoses - Match the book characters with their book descriptions
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss
- Create a birthday card
Three Cats in a Row - a Dr. Seuss tic tac toe game
Fun-in-a-Box - What would you keep in your box?
A Word (or Two) About Dr. Seuss - a Dr. Seuss acrostic
A Hatful of Seuss - Match the hat with it's character
Important Facts About Dr. Seuss and Me
Knock Around with Dr. Seuss - Make a doorknob hanger
Hats Off to Dr. Seuss Hat Toss - a paper toss game
Cat! Cat! Hat! - like Duck! Duck! Goose
Rhyming Fun has just Begun - a group rhyming game
NC Local Events by Community - find out what other classes are doing to celebrate Read Across America

Book Adventure is gearing up for NEA's Read Across America! One of our partners, Book Adventure is a free reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 6,000 recommended titles, take quizzes on the books they've read, and earn points and prizes. And now Book Adventure is creating activities and prizes just for Read Across America, including Seuss related downloads, certificates, and the famous Cat in the Hat hats. Visit their Web site and discover what awaits the book adventurous!