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NC WiseOwl - Find encyclopedias, magazines, NC websites, newspapers, Word Central's Dictionary, and much more.

Destiny WebPath Express - Here's a great place to start your research. Get awesome websites that have been selected for elementary students.

Fact Monster - Find out what happened today in history or learn a new word a day and have access to tons of information. 

Kid's Search Tools  - Find search word, reference articles, and websites just for kids.

Start Squad - From the State Library for kids, click on a topic and get related sites with great information written for kids. - Get access to information about almost anything.  You'll have access to a variety of newspapers, TV and radio
news, columns, the atomic clock, thesaurus, dictionary, calendar, almanac, area codes, zip codes and everything in between.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - This site has more homework help than you could ever want. It has everything from spelling lists to foreign language to help with the SAT. 

Enchanted Learning - Find a wealth of information, activities, crafts, maps, and much more at this kid friendly site.

History on the Net - Find links to many history resources, historic events, games and more.

US Census Bureau American Factfinder - Need to find the population of any US city, its exact location, or find a zip code?  This site is for you.

Factfinder Kids Corner - Learn about the US census, get facts about your state, and see how much you know with the quizes.

CIA World FactBook - Select a country at the top and get a wealth of information about it.

Internet Public Library Kids - Get links to a wide variety of sites offering help in many different subject areas.   

Biography Resources - Find a collection of biography websites.

WRAL 5 Online - Need the latest local weather forecast? 

Ask Jeeves for Kids - For a fun way to get information, just type a question and begin a search for an answer.

AOL@School Primary School for grades K-2 

AOL@School Elementary School for grades 3-5 - Find links to help in different subject areas.

The Official US Time-Clock - Get the official time and date here and see where the sun is shining on the world. 

World Almanac for Kids - You can find tons of great facts and information here.

Monthly Themes - Here's the Baucom collection of seasonal activities organized by the month.
United Streaming - This awesome resource provides thousands of videos, images, articles, speeches, and more.

Puzzlemaker - Create your own personalized online puzzles here. 

Brainboosters - Enrich your mind with this huge collection of challenging activities.  Start thinking!

Play Sudoku - Choose between easy or hard for this stimulating number game.

Exploratorium Online Exhibits - How good is your visual perception?  Find out by exploring the fun online exhibits.

Sandlot Science Illusion Tours - Do you enjoy optical illusions?  Check out the many interactive, real-time, hands on
demonstrations, games, puzzles, projects, and mind benders.

Eluzions - For another awesome site filled with games, puzzles, optical illusions, mazes, an art gallery, quizzes and trivia, you've got to visit this!  

The Kidz Page - There are 100s of kids games, activities, puzzles, online coloring pages, and more here.

Kaboose Holidays - Find fun information, crafts, activities, and links to more for many of the holidays.
Guinness Book of Records - How long is the world's longest bridge?  How tall is the world's tallest living person?  What living animal can make the world's loudest sound?  Find out the answers to these and many more interesting facts.
Crayola - Get ready to have fun as you find out about the world of crayons, create cards, play games, do arts and crafts, color and more.
FunBrain - Play games and practice skills in different subject areas.  You can do a search for games by subject area.

Gamequarium Jr. - A portal for many Pre School - 2nd grade activities.

Gamequarium 3rd-6th - A portal to many activities.

Readquarium PreK-6th - Here's a portal to numerous reading activities.
Garfield - Here's everything you could ever want to know about Garfield.  You can even read the Garfield comics and play games.

Funology - There's tons of fun ideas and activities for kids of all ages.

Julia's Rainbow Corner - Have fun as you explore the fun and educational games here.

I Know That - Find interactive activities in the different subject areas.

Wonderville 3D -Zoom around town on your hoverboard as you explore science in the 3D world of Wonderville.for

Wonderville 3D Activities - Explore the world in 3D through games, activities, videos, and more.

BallParks - Ball lovers!  Here's a fascinating site that lists pictures, facts and histories of the places professional and amateur sports teams play baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer.
How Stuff Works - Have you ever wondered how things are made or how they work?  Then  is the place for you.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet - Play yucky games, visit roach world and worm world, and find out all kinds of things about your body and how it works. 

Discovery Kids Game Room - If it's games you are looking for, then you've come to the right place.

Kick Up Your Keyboarding - Get extra practice with your keyboarding skills here.

Pick the Pattern - Can you figure out the patterns in this collection of activities?

Billy Bear's Online Games - Find coloring pages, mazes, and all sorts of games.
ALA Great Sites for Kids - Here is an amazing collection of websites collected and put together by the American Library Association.
Eric's Origami Page - Learn about the history of paperfolding - origami - and follow the directions given to turn a piece of paper into a work of art.  There are also links to other origami sites.
Joseph Wu's Origami Page - Make animals and other objects by folding paper.  Check out the Japanese art origami at .

Hallmark - Send someone a free electronic greeting card.  You can find a huge assortment here.
Yahoo!  Greetings - Get a mix of free electronic greeting cards and some you can have with a membership.

My Sunny Greetings - A huge selection of free electronic greeting cards.
MSNBC Jigsaw - Put together a new puzzle everyday.  
JigZone - Here's another site with jigsaw puzzles.
DLTK Crafts for Kids Jigsaw Puzzles - There are many, many, many puzzles here.


Rock Hounds with Rocky - Explore the world of rocks with Rocky the Rock Hound.

Kids Biology - Investigate the interactive activities as  you learn all about the science of life.

SwitchZoo - Visit this unique zoo and see what unusual animals live there.

Lions and Tigers and Bears!  Oh My! - Enjoy this collection of zoo animal activities.

Strange Matter - Discover games, experiments, videos and more that tackle the four big things materials scientists study.  You can also explore activities in our stuff for teachers or stuff for families.

Science Museum of Minnesota
- For a cool site with a variety of activities and ideas for fun science experiments and neat science facts, you've got to check this out.

Thinking Fountain - From the Science Museum of Minnesota this list contains many activities and ideas, galleries to show your work, books you can use, and surprises inspired by Thinking Fountain.

Amusement Park Physics - Head out for the amusement park and check out the forces behind the fun. You'll design your own roller coaster ride, predict the outcome of bumper car collisions, and learn which is the lead horse on the carousel.

Dynamic Earth - Delve into the earth's interior, learn about its tectonic plates and their movements, and discover how mountains, volcanoes, and earthquakes are formed.

Fun on the Farm - This farm will keep you busy with all the different activities.

Volcanoes:  Can We Predict Volcanic Eruptions? - Find out what causes volcanoes to happen, how we might forecast them, and how we deal with the risks from them.

Volcano World - Volcano lovers, visit Rocky and discover almost everything you could ever want to know about volcanoes.  

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet - First there was mud. Then there were worms, and now there is Yucky! Play yucky games, visit roach world and worm world, and find out all kinds of things about your body and how it works. 

The Weather Channel - Get the latest weather information from around the world, find out special headlines, and get weather maps.

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Here's an out of this world science site with activities and experiments.

Cool Science for Curious Kids - The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious kids to explore biology... on screen, off screen, and in between.

Cells Alive - Discover the world of cells, bacteria, viruses, allergies, and mites.

Prehistoric World - This National Geographic site will allow you to peer into the past for glimpses of ancient creatures that still grip us!  

Dinosauria On-Line - Find out anything you could possible want to know about these giant creatures.

Yucky Roach World - Are you a bug lover?  If so, then this is the site for you.

Lincoln Park Zoo - Let's go to the zoo!  Select an animal exhibit and meet the animals

StarChild - Are you a budding astronomer?  Here's the site for you!  Go to  and learn all about our universe and solar system.

NASA Dynamics of Flight - For those of you interested in airplanes, aeronautics, and flight, this is a great site.  

NASA for Kids - Future astronauts and space lovers, this is NASA's page for kids.  Find fun games and activities here.

The Space Place - Here's another great NASA site designed just for kids with games, projects, and more.

For Kids Only - Earth Science Enterprise - Are you interested in earth science?  Go to this super site put together by NASA. 

The Tornado Project Online - In you are into tornadoes check this out.  It has loads of information about these twisters.

Earthquake Information from the USGS - For maps and lists of recent earthquakes and other shaking news this is great.

USGS Terraweb for Kids - Check out satellite images of Earth taken from outer space, cool 3D pictures, cool fun facts, and
create your own 3D landscape.


CultureGrams - Choose World Edition, Kids Edition, or States Edition to experience life in different parts of the world from
your computer.  Check out the great photos, famous people and recipes on the right.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids for K-2nd - Get lots of great information about our government.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids for 3rd-5th - Find out about our nation and government, how laws are made, the election process and more.

Fact Finder Kid's Corner - Learn about the U.S. census, get facts about each state, and have fun with quiz questions.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Kids' Page - Are you interested in being an inventor?  This great site has lots of information, activities, and games.

Map Machine - Need a map?  Use this site to crank out a cartographic masterpiece.

MapQuest - Another great site to get a map for any country around the world or just to get directions from one place to another.

National Geographic for Kids - Travel to other lands, space, or under the ocean find out about people and animals around the world, read the NG Kids Magazine, play games and more.

Geographia - For a great site with loads of information on the people, history, wildlife, and places of interest for countries and regions around the world this is it.  *** 5th graders - a wealth of information awaits you in Latin America.

Time Exhibits - Learn about the history of timekeeping, calendars, different clocks, and more.

HyperHistory - History lovers, here's the site for you!   It presents 3000 years of world history with timelines, lifelines, colorful graphics, and maps.

Travel the US - Here's a collection of sites about our 50 states.  Check this out.

The Home Court Advantage - Are you confused about the North Carolina court system and how it works?   This is a kid's window into the North Carolina court system that explains the courts in a way kids can understand.

North Carolina Virtual Visits - Discover North Carolina by taking a virtual tour around Raleigh and the state.  

Secretary of State's Kids Page - Find out everything you could ever want to know about North Carolina.

Start Squad -  Connect into links from the State Library to get great information resources about NC.

White House for Kids - Take a virtual tour of the White House and find out about the President and Vice President.  Discover how you can become a more active and informed citizen and find out about the White House pets.

North Carolina Resources - Use this to get good links for researching North Carolina.


International Kids' Space -
Here's a fun site that lets you read and write stories, draw and submit pictures, listen to music, and a lot more.
KidPub - Here are more stories written by kids of all ages from around the world.  You can even submit your own stories here.

Book Adventure -  This is a great reading incentive program dedicated to encouraging kids in grades K-8 to read. With the help of Rex Reader and Bailey Bookmark, you have more than 6,000 of the most popular and acclaimed titles from which to choose. 

Starfall - Practice your alphabet and learn to read with all the fun activities and stories.

Investigating Analogies - Just what is an anology?  Find out here and practice using them.

Between the Lions - Find stories, games, video clips, and other activities.

Game Goo - Educational games that help develop early reading skills are here.


Kidsbank - Join the KidsBank.comô characters on a tour of Money, Savings, Interest, Checking, and Electronic Banking.  Be sure to visit the Calculators and Game Room at the bottom of the page.

Elementary School Student Center  - Mathematicians, see if you can solve the problem of the week. 

A+ Math - Practice your math facts and play math games.

Silver Burdett Ginn Mathematics - For some fun activities to cover a range of math skills visit this site and click on your grade level to begin.

CoolMath4Kids - Here's an awesome site filled with many games, brain benders, puzzles, and more.

Interactive Math for K-2 and Interactive Math 3-5 are packed with lots of fun activities to practice your math skills.

Brainbashers - Get ready for some math fun.  Find a unique collection of puzzles, games and optical illusions.

Elementary Interactive Math - Check out this huge collection of excellent math activities.

Math Mania - Here's Baucom's page to MANY great math websites.  

Elementary Math Sites from Tucson - Discover a myriad of awesome math sites here.

United States Mint for Kids H.I.P. Pocket Change - Here's a fun educational site for students and teachers to learn about coins, the United States Mint, and U.S. history.


Discovery Education Clipart Gallery - A nice collection of clipart.

UnitedStreaming - Find a wealth of images and clipart great for multimedia, reports, projects, and more.  Use the "Search"
within "images" and "clipart".

LEARNNC Multimedia - Check out this library of images, audio, and video for educational use.

Pics4Learning - Here's a categorized list of copyright-friendly images for education.

Oxford Illustrated Science Encyclopedia - Find hundreds of science illustrations and images you can use in reports and

DK Clip Art - Use the categories to search through the  many photographs in this collection.

Kelta Web Concepts - These royalty free images can be used in your research projects and reports.

UVics Language Teaching Clipart Library - Click on Topic Galleries and choose a category in the drop down to find thousands of images.

FreeFoto - Find a huge collection of photos here.         

FlamingText - Create cool logos and headings for your online presentations and PowerPoint.       

3DTextMaker - Make cool titles and headings for your papers and presentations. 

Landform Picture Gallery - a limited collection of images of landforms.

4 Free Photos - Find beautiful photos on many different topics.

Karen Whimsy Public Domain Images - Find a vast collection of clipart, diagrams, and images.

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online - Here's a great place to look for historical images.

Photos8 - This is an amazing collection of photos for your use.

Bellsnwhistles - Get animated images and cool backgrounds.


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