Adopt a Wild Animal

Second Grade Animal Study

by Laura Godshall and Susan Hunt

Introduction | Task | Resources | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion


HELP! We are overcrowded at the N.C. Zoo. Please adopt a baby animal and care for it until it's grown.

The Task

1.      Pick one animal.

2.     Record information on your animal sheet.

3.     Do two activities about your animal.

The Process

1. Click this button to print your worksheet.

2. Choose one animal from this list. Write information on your worksheet.

Blue Whale

Bald Eagle

American Crocodile

Bottlenose Dolphin

Florida Black Bear

Eastern Timber Wolf


Grizzly Bear

Plains Prairie Dog

Sea Otter

Swift Fox

Polar Bear

Giant Panda

Blue Whale



Mountain Gorilla


Humpback Whale


African Elephant


African Lion

Snow Leopard


3. Click this button to print your Activity Sheet.


Check this list before turning your work in to your teacher. Be prepared to share your activities with your class.


You have learned about one animal. Look at these web sites to learn about other animals.

This is a story about the food chain.  

This site has drawings of many different animals to color and information about them. 

Find encyclopedia, newspaper, and magazine articles about animals.

Play some games about animals.
Wild Games

Ranger Rick's Go Wild Fun and Games

Animal Games for Kids

Animal Planet Games and Interactives

Animals of the World


Welcome to the Wild Arcade


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