During first quarter all the third grade students studied different types of poetry.  We read lots of poems and even wrote some of our own.  Our class (Mrs. Bader's) wrote three types: an acrostic, a limerick, and a rhyming poem.

~ by Sarah, Jason, and Collin in Mrs. Bader's class

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Acrostics can be based on a name, a word, an animal or anything you like.  You write your selected word in a column.  Then you have to think of a word that starts with that letter and describes the selected word you are basing your acrostic on.  You can not use the word that you are thinking of a word for.

K ind
E ducated
L oves
L ikes ice cream
I s playful
E xcited

by Kellie

N ips up its food into small bits
A trocious
K ills people if poisonous
E ggs
S leeps with eyes open

by Suhas
V alery
A dorable
L ily flower
E ncredible
R eally sweet
Y ells outside

by Valery



We learned that the limerick pattern is "AABBA".  They have to rhyme, but sometimes limerick poems don't make a lot of sense.  All "A"s should rhyme and all the "B" rows should rhyme.


There once was a man from Texas,
All the while he hoped for Alexis,
So he went to her house,
But just found a mouse,
That man realized Alexis wasn't from Texas.

by Emily


Cat Dip

There once was a cat from Baling,
All the while she hope to go sailing.
So she went on that trip,
And took a wet dip,
That cute little cat from Baling!

by Amy


There once was a man from France.
All the while he hoped he could dance.
So he went to a ball.
And took a great fall.
That silly man from France.

by Daniel


There once was a king from France.
He always wanted to dance.
So he went to class,
And broke some glass,
That silly king from France.

by Kellie




In a rhyming poem there is a rhyming word at the end of each row.  For example, if the first sentence ends in "dragon", the second sentence could end with "wagon".

Since You've Gone to School

Since you went to school,
You didn't drool,
You weren't a fool,
You knew patterns have rules,
You knew cat and hat rhyme,
Your car didn't fill up with grime,
You got a license this time,
All because,
You went to school this time.

By Alec


One day last week I saw a bat.
It was a really, really, really fat bat.
I saw it eating a lot of gnat.
I don't think it liked those gnats.
Because it was going for my cat!

by Collin

Background from Bells and Whistles.